Problem Gambling and Responsible Gambling

Online gambling has changed lives, and that’s the reason everyone wants to try their luck. Seasoned and casual gamblers play with the hope of hitting the jackpot, something that has been done severally. But everything isn’t as good as it looks, especially for players dealing with problem gambling, a vice that gambling tags along with.

What is Problem Gambling?

Also known as compulsive gambling, or gambling addiction, problem gambling is a condition where a gambler can’t stop playing even when it’s evident gambling is negatively impacting on their socio-economic well being.

Among the signs of gambling addiction include cash flow problems arising from frequent losses, and the unending urge to recoup the lost money. Besides the financial implications, victims tend to become socially detached from family, friends, and responsibilities. Anger and temper that previously wasn’t there also grows.

Responsible Gambling

Statistics show that problem gambling is a worrying concern, and that’s the reason stakeholders are pushing for responsible gambling. But then, this is an aspect that requires the participation of all stakeholders, including governments, online casinos, and, most importantly, the players themselves.

For governments, their role is pretty simple, to ensure there is a proper organization of the regulating bodies. Appropriate legislation can also come in here.

For the casino operators, the responsibilities are several. First, they should ensure underage players don’t access their sites. The casinos are also responsible for the protection of compulsive gamblers by providing features like self-exclusion. They should also abide by all rules and regulations on marketing.

Last is the players, and the main responsibility is to make sure they don’t fall into addiction. First online, gambling can’t substitute work or school. Another thing set a budget for gambling and always know when to walk away – never chase bets. Also, avoid gambling when drunk – that’s responsible gambling!